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Product guidance
Resin products 1. Methylated melamine resin
    Introduction of new
    [Low-free Formaldehyde NIKALAC]
2. Mixed etherized melamine resin
3. Methylated benzoguanamine resin Mixed etherized benzoguanamine resin
4. Acrylated melamine resin Methylated urea resin
Fire retardants
Fine-chemicals products 1. Guanidine salts for biochemistry
2. Cyanamide and its derivative
Electronic materials 1. Methylated melamine resin
2. Methylated urea resin
3. Photo-acid generator
Industrial chemical materials 1. Guanidine salts for industry
2. Cyanamide and its derivative

Trust business
Synthetic technology
Possession equipment 1. Production equipment
2. Analysis apparatus
About ISO and GMP 1. ISO activity report
2. GMP management


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