Product guidance
・Resin materials 1.Methylated melamine resin
   Introduction of new [Low-free Formaldehyde NIKALAC]
2.Mixed etherized melamine resin
3.Methylated benzoguanamine resin Mixed etherized benzoguanamine resin
・Fire retardants
・Fine-chemicals products 1.Guanidine salts for biochemistry
2.Cyanamide and its derivative
・Electronic materials 1.Methylated melamine resin
2.Methylated urea resin
3.Photo-acid generator
・Industrial chemical materials 1.Guanidine salts for industry
2.Cyanamide and its derivative

About offer of sale of a product and a sample
1. The purchase of a product
When the purchase of a product is wished, send quality or a price by the telephone, fax, or E-mail, and please send an order sheet by fax after consultation.
2. Demand of a sample
When a sample is wished, please inform of a product name and a delivery place by fax or E-mail.
When there is stock, I cope with it so that we can send to the appointed place within seven days
I will assume for a fee or the load of the carriage by the customer because it offers the sample. .
3. About other compounds
Since I accept as trust manufacture and a trial production also about
the similar derivative and the completely new compound of the present product besides the present product, please ask.